“Wisdom in Health”

“Health is a resource contributing to the quality of our everyday living, not the objective of it”
– Hugh Dubberly

For thousands of years ancient cultures have passed down their healing wisdom and techniques to kin and community as gifts of a health, happiness and longevity. They viewed the healing insight they gained in experience, practice, success, and documentation as a sacred part of both their lives and the world at large. They shared stories that inspired, danced in sacred ceremony, ate crops that they personally grew, gave gratitude for their ancestry both past and future, and taught their children how to grow up and be powerful beings of Love and Light.

“In the past few decades, I have witnessed extraordinary progress in pharmacology, genetics, endocrinology, surgery, and other medical specialities. Advances made in the past fifty years can be compared to those made in the past 3,000 years. And yet, there is something about all this that I cannot accept: man does not seem to benefit from these advances as much as he should. On the contrary, he seems to be growing older faster, often deprived of the joys of a full, active, prolonged lifespan.”
-Dr. Popov, Staying Young

Today, we live in a world far more technologically advanced; machines capable of performing precise surgeries, giving us instant feedback and information on patient health. Progress in western medicine have given birth to brilliant modern health, thriving in the treatment of acute illness and injury, something our ancestors would marvel. However, it’s now well known that acute illness and injury are merely symptoms of dis-ease, not the cause. Take for instance a heart attack, which requires quick action; not the best time for discussion. Discussion is for before/after the heart attack occurs, finding ways to avoid the heart attack in the first place or at least avoid another one. As the World Health Organization defines, “Health is not merely the absence of dis-ease, it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.”

Our current model of health is changing quickly. The new paradigm seeks to educate individuals and give them tools for a lifetime of vitality. It acknowledges that health is a means to higher goals, a love of family, friends and community, work valued by self and others, physical and financial well-being, and quality of everyday living; not just about minimizing illness and injury.

Therefore, “Wisdom in Health” is about uncovering the root causes of dis-ease, working intelligently, patiently and proactive in a safe, non-invasive manner.

The Jahoon Healing Center (http://www.jahoon.com) intends to be at the forefront of this change, providing a safe oasis to receive professional healing therapies, purchase organic oils, creams and herbs for continued health, collaborating with top medical and holistic professionals around the globe on the future of healthcare, and hosting workshops and seminars to inspire and heal.

At the beginning of each month we will be sending out a newsletter similar to the one you are receiving today, highlighting various health and wellness subjects by leaders in their fields, providing health tips and tricks to keep your life full of light, and keeping our community in sync on scheduled events and workshops.

Live in Abundance

We invite you to come share, experience, laugh, release and dance to the beautiful rhymes of life inside the Jahoon Healing Center.

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